Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brad Callahan, A Key Witness Against Convicted White "Supremacist" Shaun Walker, Confirmed As A Perjurer And Informant

Almost immediately after the sentencing of former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker to 87 months imprisonment and former member Eric Egbert to 42 months incarceration on spurious "civil rights" charges stemming from two bar fights (Travis Massey's sentencing was delayed due to his request for a change in lawyers), doubts about the veracity of the proceedings immediately began to bubble to the surface.

First, there was the following statement by Shaun Walker's wife, originally posted on Stormfront under the nickname "Thora Design" and cross-posted on White Reference:

I'm saddened to have to set the record straight ... our OWN people don't even have the facts straight..

Let me say unequivocally -- Shaun Walker WAS NOT in a bar fight. Keith Cotter and Brad Callahan LIED on the stand to save their skin. There WAS NO conspiracy. If you are truly interested in the case, don't read newspaper accounts -- read court transcripts. You will see how unbelievable this case is. ZOG wanted them to plea bargain and show remorse for crimes they didn't commit -- they all 3 kept their honor and integrity -- they did not BOW DOWN, roll on each other or confess to crimes they didn't commit.

Shaun, Travis and Eric had been handed down gag orders and are now in the appeal process. They are unable to set the records straight.Eric and Travis are still in the Salt Lake City County jail. I'm sure they would appreciate funds in their commissary and/or letters of encouragment.

No good can be had for being judgmental and/or perpetuating bad information for our "OWN".

Mrs. Walker
The gag order not only effectively censored the Shaun Walker Trio, but allowed the opposition to dominate the coverage. Of course, Shaun Walker could have testified in his own behalf, but many defense attorneys advise their clients not to do so, for fear that wily prosecutors would try to entrap them. I'm sure that if Walker had known that he would be found guilty, he would have testified, figuring he had nothing to lose. Personally, if I was falsely accused, I couldn't wait to sound off and proclaim it to the world, but I wasn't in Walker's shoes, so I won't judge him.

Now a discussion thread has opened up on the Resistance Discussion Forum, operated by the National Alliance, in which forum members assert that not only did one of the key prosecution witnesses perjure himself on the stand, but that he was and still is working as an informant. Although there has been no mainstream media confirmation, the information has been received from sources considered "reliable" by the posters themselves.

According to a very reliable source, Brad Callahan, one of the key prosecution witnesses against Shaun Walker, is still "working." The source alleges that Callahan has been trying to obtain the personal phone numbers of racial activists, including that of NA Chairman Erich Gliebe. Apparently, Callahan has been attempting to find out how often and when Chairman Gliebe is at NA headquarters in Hillsboro, and if he brings his wife and son with him. [Ed. Note: There is absolutely, positively no logical reason why Callahan would need to know this information unless he had ill intent.]

And I'll be damned! That just happens to be the very next point. The poster goes on to ask why Callahan wants to know when Gliebe is in Hillsboro and if he takes the wife and son with him? Why is Callahan so interested in Gliebe's family. It triggers several logical questions. First and foremost, is Callahan still "working" with the Feds? Second, if so, do the Feds want to know this information, and why would they need it? Third, what kind of deal did Callahan make with the Feds? Fourth, how much money did he get for testifying against Shaun Walker? And fifth, did he have charges dropped against him for a crime he committed in exchange for his testimony? The latter two questions strongly imply that Callahan's testimony may have been "bought". And if this is the case, is it possible that, just like star witness Keith Cotter, he may embellished the role of the Shaun Walker Trio and minimized his own role? In other words, to tell the court what the prosecutors wanted to hear rather than the truth.

Another poster, who apparently attended the trial as an observer, reveals that Callahan's former girlfriend publicly stated that his testimony in court was a lie and that he was bought and paid for. Furthermore, upon leaving the courtroom, Callahan reportedly told Walker as he passed him by, "For what its worth, I'm sorry".

On April 20th, day three of the trial, Callahan testified being told about the O'Shucks assault later that night at Walker's home by the group. Callahan said Cotter, Walker, Massey and Egbert all bragged about getting "shots" in on a bartender they beat up. However, this should have been treated as "hearsay", since Callahan did not personally witness the action himself.

Pro-white activists, particularly those in Utah, are cautioned against having any dealings with Brad Callahan, since he apparently is still trying to approach white activists. Base instincts say "steer clear" of this guy.

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